Polish Festival Seattle 2021 Video Submissions

This summer, we will not be meeting in person for Polish Festival Seattle.  However, we are planning a livestream video where we will be showcasing Polish costumes along with dance, music and other activities. And hopefully a surprise or two!

We invite our Seattle Polish community and PNW neighbors to submit short videos that go along with this summer’s theme. Preference will be given to activities in costume and outdoors (if possible) in a scenic area of the PNW. 

Need some inspiration?…

  • Read a Polish story to kids under a tree,
  • tell a story about your Polish family or community,
  • sing a favorite song by a campfire,
  • play an instrument under the stars, 
  • show a craft or other activity in a field,
  • create an art installation with a Polish theme…
  • Get dressed up and be creative! If you have questions, or an idea but need someone to record the video for you, please contact the festival director, Alisa Lahti, at polishfestivalseattle@outlook.com. Video must be no longer than 10 minutes and may be edited to fit with our production length and quality.

If you would like to submit a video, please fill out the below form (required).

  • What format?  We accept MP4 and prefer horizontal screen. Capturing the video on your phone is totally fine!
  • Do I need to provide a complete video with editing and music, etc?  You may, but it’s not necessary at all. 
  • All videos are due May 30, 2021.
This person will be the main contact in case we have any questions.
Please provide the title of your video file so that we know which one is yours.
Please check all that apply.
Briefly tell us what is happening in your video and how it fits with Polish Festival Seattle theme of celebrating Polish culture, tradition, and achievements. Preference is given to activities of people shown in costume!
We would like to give credit to participants, however we will not publish names of anyone who does not wish to be included.