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Special thanks to Krzysztof Poraj- Kuczewski

The exhibition presents socially and ecologically engaged posters created by professors and students from the Institute of Fine Arts at the University of Silesia in Katowice. Both ecological and socially engaged posters are a result of attentive observation of the contemporary world. Artists refer to the long tradition in the history of Polish poster art, in which posters dealing with health issues, addictions, pollution or anti-war images were very popular. Presented artworks result from a belief that the role of posters as an indicator of crucial social problems is still valid. Artists speak about issues that evoke their emotions, trying to make us reflect on our place in the world and our possible future(s).

Special thanks to the Mróz family

Starting as a trade union in 1980 in Gdańsk’s Lenin Shipyard and devoted to defending workers’ rights, Solidarność quickly grew into the biggest voluntary civic movement in Poland’s history. Hear stories from Kasia Mróz, and view fascinating archival materials collected by the late Andrzej Mróz, a community member who fought for Poland’s freedom from communism more than 35 years ago.

Located in the Armory 

View Polish cities landmarks and experiences by local artist and creator, Basia Niesulowski, in a collection of oil pastels  paintings from her recent travel through Poland.