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Special thanks to Dr. Agata Stronciwilk

The exhibit “Polish  School of Poster. New Generations” showcasing the art of poster from the University of Silesia is organized by Dr. Agata Stronciwilk, It presents 70 modern posters (created since 2000) designed by artists from different generations. It encompasses artworks created by professors, PhD candidates, and students from the Institute of Fine Arts at the University of Silesia in Katowice.

The title “Polish School of Poster Art. New Generations” suggests both continuity and change – artists recognize the impact of the history of Polish poster, drawing inspiration from this heritage; however, they also actively detach from tradition by exploring contemporary visuality and creating their own distinctive languages. Displayed posters were inspired by an array of cultural texts – cinema, music, art, and literature. A significant body of work presented at the exhibition is related to a renowned poster competition organized annually by the Institute of Fine Arts – “Jazz in the Ruins.

Posters of the following artists are represented at the exhibition: Iwona Cichy, Józef Hołard, Grzegorz Izdebski, Tomasz Jędrzejko, Justyna Jędrysik, Tomasz Kipka, Łukasz Kliś, Sebastian Kubica, Stefan Lechwar, Marek Maciejczyk, Aleksander Orłowski, Wojciech Osuchowski, Kaja Renkas, Martyna Sobolewska, Monika Sroga, Justyna Stefańczyk and Tomasz Tobolewski.

Each of the artists on display presents their unique style – with a vast array of techniques – using photography, digital media, and traditional artistic mediums (painting, drawing, collage) to create metaphorical images that are not mere illustrations but a creative re-reading of the particular cultural text. The posters encompass various aesthetics – inspired by op-art, surrealism or XIX-century prints. This aesthetic diversity reflects the individualistic approach to teaching at the Institute of Fine Arts at the University of Silesia in Katowice – rather than searching for principles that would define the new generations of the “Polish School of Poster,” the emphasis is put on the idiosyncrasy of distinctive form, which has to be established by each artist.


Special thanks to late Andrzej Mróz

The Solidarność exhibit showcases Andrzej Mróz’s private collection during his time in political prison, fighting for Poland’s freedom from Communism. 

Hear stories and see archival materials about communism regime fighters who confronted totalitarian system more than 40 years ago.

This year Solidarność exhibit will be presented by Andrzej Mróz’s daughter Katarzyna Mróz in honor of Andrzej’s memory and his profound contributions to the Solidarność movement and the Polish community.



SPITFIRE LIBERATOR– the Alex Herbst Story
Special thanks to Krzysztof Poraj- Kuczewski

Cpt. Witold “Alex” Herbst (1919-2017) was a WWII hero who flew missions over Great Brittain and Europe with the Polish RAF Squadrons #303 and #308 as an ace fighter pilot. The documentary, featuring interviews with Cpt. Herbst and shot at different locations in and around Seattle, has been directed by Sławomir Ciok and produced by Krzysztof Poraj-Kuczewski. It premiered at the Seattle Museum of Flight in 2015. Cpt. Herbst also published a very frank and moving war memoir in Polish under the title “Cavalry of the Sky”(Podniebna kawaleria).