Talent Show 2017

Parents, please carefully read all information about the Talent Show Tryouts and Talent Show.

Talent Show Tryouts will be held on Sunday, June 4th, at 4 pm at the Polish Cultural Center (1714 18th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98122). Tryouts are open to all children and youth, age 6-18. In case of bands or duets, at least one artist needs to be under age 18 (we welcome child-parent duets!)

The judges (a panel of 3-5 festival committee members) will decide and notify selected performing artists within one week after the tryouts.

If qualified, performing artists must be available to perform on Saturday, July 8th, during the Polish Festival Seattle.   


All performances and artwork must be Poland related or in Polish.  There will be two “categories”: performing artists and artwork display.

Performing artist acts include: singing in Polish, playing Polish-composed music on instruments , and other similar acts.

Acts should last 3-5 minutes. Artists need to provide instruments and other equipment needed to perform an act for the Tryouts and, if qualified, during the Festival.


Artwork displays include: artwork in any technique no larger than 20”x20”, photographs (up to 3 per artist), poems or short novels, and other forms of artwork that can be displayed.

All artwork must have Poland as a theme – Polish legends, landscapes, cities, culture, history, famous Polish people, etc. Poems/short novels may be in Polish but it is not required.

Artwork needs to be delivered to the Polish Cultural Center before or on the Tryouts day (Sunday, June 4th, 4pm).  Please contact us if artwork will  likely not be finished by the Tryouts date.

There are no prizes. It is not a contest. All participants will receive a souvenir.


Polish Festival Seattle Talent Show

Qualified performing artists will perform on the Main Stage or the Outside Stage during the Festival. Each artist will be given their specific time of performance a few weeks before the Festival.

Qualified art will be displayed during the Festival and on the Festival’s website.  


To register:

Send an email to jolap@live.com with the following information:

  • Artist name and age
  • Legal guardian name and contact information (phone number, email, and home address)
  • Description of performance act or artwork