PIEROGI Armory Loft, 1:00–2:00

Anna Lidzbarski

Tired of running out of your favorite pierogi? Learn how to make them!




POPPIES and WATERCOLOR WORKSHOP Armory Loft, 5:00–6:00

Izabela Gabrielson

Izabela Gabrielson is a Seattle based artist and illustrator. She received her art and art history education in Poland and New York City and holds both MA and PhD degrees. She specializes in watercolor and her work has been exhibited in many individual and group shows. She has taught illustration and art history as well as watercolor workshops. She has a line of greeting cards printed from her original watercolor paintings. For more information please visit her website at



head wreathWIANKI, FLORAL HEAD WREATH Armory Balcony, Ongoing until supplies run out

What about making your own floral head wreath? For more than a thousand years, Polish girls have worn wreaths of herbs and flowers on their heads. Feel free to bring your favorite flowers and give your head wreath a unique look!