Schedule 2019—Coming Soon!

Full Schedule

The Armory

11:45-12:00   Gathering for the Parade at Fisher Pavilion Rooftop
12:00-12:10    Parade: Polonez Dance to Armory Stage
12:10-12:40    Opening Ceremony: National Anthems with Vivat Musica! & VIPs Speeches
12:45-1:10     Pianist Laure Struber-Mosnier: Music of Fryderyk Chopin
1:20-1:45       Młodzi Polanie: Trojak & Krakowiak 
1:45-2:10      Contest 1
2:10-2:40      Lajkonik: National Dances: Kujawiak with Oberek and Suite from Podlasie
2:50-3:20      Draka Duo
3:30-4:00      Vivat Musica! Choir: Polish Folk Songs
4:05-4:35      Lajkonik: Mountain Suite
4:35-4:55       Contest 3
5:10-5:40       Vivat Musica! Choir: Song Feast
6:10-6:40       Lajkonik: Rzeszow and Przeworsk Suite
7:00-8:00       DJ Filip: Disco Polo EVERYBODY DANCE


Mural Amphitheatre

  1. 12:15-1:15    New Age Flamenco
    1:25-1:55      Lajkonik: National Dances, Kujawiak with Oberek and Suite from Podlasie
    2:00-2:30      Vivat Musica! Choir: Polish Folk Songs
    2:35-3:00       Polka Dance Contest with Andy Mirkovich (Accordion)
    3:00-3:10       Contest 2
    3:10-3:40       Lajkonik: Mountain Suite
    3:45-4:20       Children from Polish School in Portland: Folk Dance Medley
    4:20-4:35       Andy Mirkovich: Accordion Music
    4:35-5:05       Duo Draka 
    5:05-5:25       Andy Mirkovich: Accordion Music
    5:25-5:55       Lajkonik: Rzeszow and Przeworsk Suite
    5:55-6:15       Andy Mirkovich: Accordion Music
    6:15-8:00       Yaazda: Polish Hits Band

Workshops & Demos—Armory Loft Lobby

  1. 1:00-2:00       Pierogi Workshop with Anna Lidzbarski
    3:00-4:00       Pickling Demo presented by Russell Miller
    5:00-6:00       Bigos Demo presented by Basia M

Beer Garden

4:20-4:35       Andy Mirkovich: Accordion Music
5:05-5:25       Andy Mirkovich: Accordion Music
5:55-6:15       Andy Mirkovich: Accordion Music


Vodka Tastings—Armory Loft 3

  1. 2:00-3:00      Vodka tasting session #1
    4:00-5:00      Vodka tasting session #2
    6:00-7:00      Vodka tasting session #3

Schedule is subject to change. Check the Highlights page for additional activities throughout the day. See the Performances page for additional entertainer information.